Are you a writer who needs assistance with creating a cover for your book and just doesn’t have the time to really invest in it? Check out my creation “Mirdita Dera e Gjomarkut Kanuni“, if you like what you see and think I may be able to assist you please contact me.

Self publishing? Looking for a “Line-editor”? I can carefully proofread your book and correct mistakes and typos, focusing on punctuation.

As a “Level 1 Editor” I can help prepare your already well-structured manuscript, whichever genre you have.

This service will provide a basic “fixing” of grammar and spelling, and does not include rewrites or restructuring.

Fee: $0.0200 per word.

For all your translation needs, from Italian to English or English to Italian –  contact me!

If you have an English website that you would like translated into Italian or reviewed – contact me!

If you have an Italian website that you would like translated into English or reviewed – contact me!

If you already have a website that has been translated into English from any language but needs grammatical or spelling review and updating – contact me!

I have been successfully designing web sites for small business owners and non-profit organizations for the past 7 years. The styles used are diverse; from elegant to quirky. I have found that the most economical way for my clients to set-up websites is through their own hosting site.

Most clients I work with just don’t have the time to sit in front of a computer and come up with a template and scheme for their vision. What I bring to them is originality, efficiency, attention to detail and most of all the site of their dreams, one that accomplishes and delivers their vision.

Check out my designs:  My Creations.

If you have a small business you know how important it is to promote it. Through Constant Contact your special events can be created with style and elegance and can be delivered to an unlimited number of business or personal contacts via email. You can send out invitations, newsletters, upcoming events and more.

This is key to promoting your business or organization! Without Social Media you might as well be a dinosaur. I can help you:

  1. Create, update and promote your profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more
  2. Synchronize all your social outlets so that people can easily find you
  3. Create and post your events and any special occasion you need to promote
  4. Ensure all your information is current and disseminated promptly and efficiently

Don’t wait until it’s too late and you find yourself saying “If only…..” – contact me today!

Entering, sorting and organizing data can be an overwhelming task. I am here to help! Whether it’s a client’s database in Excel or Word, organization is the key. You can shoot me your data, I can enter it, sort it out and return it to you in PDF or raw data format.

Email me for a free consultation today at or fill out the form on the CONTACT page and we can talk!



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