I moved to Albania two years ago, back to my father’s homeland. While living here I have been providing my services to various international organizations as a freelancer.

My living abroad has opened up my eyes to the large amount of foreign websites trying to attract the US market with badly translated sites. I have seen this in retail sites, news sites, service provider sites, it runs the gamut across the web. It is frustrating when you are trying to buy something or read a piece of news and can’t make heads or tails with the translation. Although Google’s translation services does a fairly good job it is not by all means the “end all, be all” of translations.

This is when I decided that perhaps I can be of some assistance.

I can provide you with the following:

  • Review your site and provide recommendations on its structure
  • Provide a complete grammatical and spelling review of your site
  • Provide complete translation of your blog or site from Italian to English and English to Italian
  • Provide suggestions on design of the site as well as overall appeal and flow
  • Provide web design services through your hosting site as well as maintaining it with regular updates
  • Create attractive e-blasts with Constant Contact to promote your events and business
  • Post updates to your social media accounts and more

Email me for a free consultation today at b.nakovics@msn.com or fill out the form on the CONTACT page and we can talk!


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