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I decided to begin offering my services as a Website Translator after living abroad for a couple of years. This is in addition to the other services I currently provide. The internet has exploded with international retail sites; advice sites; travel sites; news sites and more. However, I am always amazed how most of them don’t have the proper translation when it comes to English and no effort is made to correct it (I have followed a few).

It is often maddening to try to read through the lines of a translated website. And this is how I can help you!

I am fluent in Italian and English. Italian is my native tongue, but I grew up in the United States hence the fluency in both languages and if you want to reach the North American audience and market, then you have to make sure that your site is properly translated.

I can provide you with the correct tools to do that. My focus is on American English. Of course I can provide proper English as well but let’s face it….there is a difference, quite a bit of a difference between the two with the various slang words and nuances, and if you want to reach the US consumer then you need to think like a US consumer and speak like a US consumer and that’s where I come in.

My fee is very reasonable because I feel that you, as a business owner, should present to the world a fairly decent site which is legible and makes sense to the reader. I can edit an already translated site to “make sense”!

Email me for a free consultation today at b.nakovics@hotmail.com or fill out the form on the CONTACT page and we can talk!

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